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Executive Office Furniture Installation

We at Hoffman Office Supply have just completed another installation, this one at a local manufacturing company.  An executive  client wanted an upgrade from the furniture he had, so we designed a new office for him.  This particular client had need for lots of storage in addition to workspace.

This is what we came up with.  The entirety of what you see here was furnished by Jasper Group’s case goods.  Since the client needed more than average storage, a standard hutch would not work, so we opted for 3 wall-mounted overheads.  Much of the storage needed was for reference material, so the open-front overhead was used to create an easy access to this material.  In order to create the work space, we opted for a standard U-shaped desk structure, but added a stand-alone desktop that we custom built for additional storage and work space.  To form it, we took a 60 inch work surface, 30 inch lateral file, and a 30 inch shelf unit and attached them to each other.  As you can see here, when placed at the end of the credenza, it forms an extension that looks seamless, but can be moved to other areas of the office if the need arises.  All of the wood surfaces pictured here were done in a cherry finish.


This entire installation took us about 2 hours to complete, from getting the items off our truck that you can see in the window, to having all trash removed and items installed.  Let us know if you have any needs for your office or business!